Poetry and the Shoah – The Spectre or the Horizon of a Synthesis?

A Call for Papers to the Fifth Issue of Narrations of the Shoah


The submitted papers can embrace – but are not limited to – the following range of topics:

  • poetry of the Shoah and on the Shoah;
  • relations between the depictions of the Holocaust and of other genocides;
  • narrations of the Shoah and the new humanities;
  • the topoi of the Shoah;
  • presence of the Shoah in popular culture;
  • studies devoted to documents and documentation of the Shoah and the very documents worth (re-)publishing.


The deadline for tentative titles and short abstracts is the end of November 2018 and for final versions of articles – 31 may 2019. Please send the proposals and articles to one of the following e-mail addresses:


Katarzyna Kuczyńska-Koschany: eadem@amu.edu.pl

Marta Tomczok: martacuber@interia.pl

Anita Jarzyna: anitajarzyna@gmail.com